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Transfer Factor Advanced 4lifeTransfer Factor Plus 4life
Have it with you always. Strengthens your immune system and wards off illnesses

Transfer Factor Advanced Formula  
Promotes general wellness by supporting your body’s needs

4Life Transfer Factor Advanced Formulaoffers a revolutionary approach for wellness. It provides intelligence and intuition, according to what your body needs. It brings together exclusive extracts from bovine colostrum and chicken egg yolks to help support the body. Transfer factors are tiny messenger molecules that transfer Mother Nature’s natural response information from one entity to another, such as between a mother and her breastfeeding infant.

TFAdv (60 capsules) . 
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Great for most Cancer pattients even stage 4.

Transfer Factor Plus  
Promotes general wellness by supporting your body’s needs

This product represents 4Life’s highest level of wellness support. 4Life TF Plus Advanced combines the intelligence and intuition of  and the added support of our Cordyvant blend to provide wellness support for your body. The proprietary Cordyvant blend features ingredients such as maitake and shiitake mushrooms, cordyceps, beta glucans, beta sitosterol, and olive leaf extract.
TF Plus (90 capsules) . 
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Buy 5 Free 1
Normal Price RM278.00
Now RM232.00
Offer ends 22 October 2012
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